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A Taste of Home April 6, 2011

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This weekend we got to see my friend Ana from San Francisco…for those of you who dont know her, she is the sister of my dear friend/California mom, Marillac Mayorga.  By coincidence, she has a friend that lives just outside of Valencia and she is here visiting.  It was so exciting to see her and talk about everyone in SF.  We had a delicious dinner after walking around the City of Sciences and Arts and having wine in our neighborhood.  She took back lots of pictures and hot news to report to those curious minds in San Fran. I was extremely excited because she brought me a bag of freshly ground Nicaraguan Coffee from Castro Street Coffee and I had forgotten how different American coffee smells and tastes.  Dont get me wrong, I do love a good Cafe con Leche but I am having a serious love afair with this cup of freshly brewed American coffee that I am drinking as I type.  I make it in my French Press (which I finally found to replace my European expresso maker after it started on fire for the second time) and its like Im back in The Kitchen again.

While Im sitting here in Valencia, drinking my Nicaraguan-via-San Francisco coffee, I am thinking about how small the world really is becoming. I found it interesting to be together with Ana in Spain while at the same time Marillac, Maryam, and both sides of their family from all over the world are together in Iran, getting ready for Maryam’s Persian Wedding. It IS a small world afterall.  Maybe I just tell this to myself so I feel closer to home, but I do have proof.  Yesterday I heard a remix of a Garth Brooks country song on the radio at the grocery store, in Spanish.  And the night before that Jesus asked me what a grilled cheese is.  I dont know if it proves that the world is getting smaller, or maybe just that love is international.  I’m in love with a man who doesn’t know what a grilled cheese sandwich is.

Ana and I at the Ciudad de Ciencias
After Tapas and Local Wine