Living life in Valencia, Spain.

Cervezas de Valencia May 19, 2013

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This week I thought I’d share with you a special night out on the town in Valencia, Spain.  I had planned a surprise date for my international man of mystery, at a new place we had never been before.  //-_  (mysterious look)

We arranged to meet after work, and when I arrived fresh off the bike from the Academy, here he was, looking handsome and ready to be surprised.

My date

My date

We went out in Benimaclet, another neighborhood in Valencia.  Although as I shared last week, Ruzafa is our home and favorite Barrio, we have been exploring Benimaclet a bit lately and really loving it.  It actually used be a separate village, and sort of merged with Valencia as it grew.  However, it still maintains its village charm, with little streets and colorful buildings.  This mixed with a lively population of working class Valencianos and plenty of students gives it sort of a left-ish charm.  The last time we went out there we shared crepes for dinner and danced to a Cuban band, the FIRST time I have heard live Salsa music since leaving SF.


On this night’s agenda was a special “Cata” (tasting) of local handcrafted beers, served accompanied with tapas, all for the incredible price of 10 euros each.  The location:  Cafeteria Libreria Chico Ostra a super cute cafe/bar/bookstore (I know best combo ever).  Check it out for yourself:

Chico Ostra

Our friendly waitress explained to us that the Galana beers are made locally in a town called La Yena within the Communidad Valenciana (here the states/provinces are called Communidades).  They use fresh spring water, and specially selected hops and yeast.  Made with love one by one!

The First Pour

First we tried a beer made with Red Tea, accompanied by a toast topped with Cecina, which is a cured beef.  This was a new flavor to us, but it was actually really tasty.

Red Tea

Next up was the wheat beer (my favorite), served with little zucchini logs stuffed with couscous, leeks, and nuts.  Delicious!


Finally, we wrapped up the tasting with an Apricot Beer, served with these little pies that we simply couldn’t get a good photo of due to the romantic mood lighting.  They were stuffed with turkey, pineapple, and corn.


Then we had a leisurely late night stroll.  A perfect date night in Valencia.

Yours truly

Strolling the streets of VLC

Church in the Benimiclet Plaza


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