Living life in Valencia, Spain.

Living with (International) Intention May 30, 2013

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Today I want to interrupt our regular programming for a bit of inspiration straight from Valencia, Spain. I’ll be back in a matter of days to tell you about an exciting road-trip adventure. In the meantime, I want to talk about living with intention. But first, I want to talk about living with stress. You have to live without intention before you realize you should live with it, right?

We we are, getting ready to live with intention.  Compliments of Letlove Photography,

Here we are, getting ready to live with intention. Compliments of Letlove Photography,

I am sure all of you are living with your own stressful things. For us, our current situation includes navigating immigration processes in TWO countries, planning wedding celebrations on the other side of the world, examining our career paths and searching opportunities, and wondering where in the heck we will be living in a matter of a few months. What does The Universe have in store for us? Every single day we have a to-do item to check off, which could mean waiting in an office somewhere only to find out you didn’t bring the correct documents, waiting in line at the post office only to get to the counter and find out you didn’t bring your wallet (this only happens to me, not Jesus), searching stationary stores throughout the land for invitation envelopes, or calling the printer because oops, we counted wrong and we need more of those invitations! I wont bore you with more examples, but trust me, its enough to make anyone toss and turn at night.

However, the other morning, when we got up early before work to fold and stuff those very same invitations, something changed. I opened my sleepy eyes and looked at my incredibly cute international man of mystery over my coffee cup and announced that I had an idea. “Someday we are going to look back at this crazy time and smile,” I told him. I decided right then and there to enjoy each and every one of these loco moments. Jesus, of course, was immediately on board. We decided to live with intention, laugh and really remember all of these insane things that happen to us. To me, this is living with intention. Intending to get the most out of every moment that we’ve got. I won’t dread these mundane bureaucratic tasks; instead I’ll feel lucky we get the chance to do them, and intend to do them well. Jesus wisely pointed out when I read him the draft of this post, “All of those things that seemed so difficult before now seem funny.” LIfe is never boring around here, and ain’t we all grateful for that?


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