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From MADison to MADrid! April 23, 2013

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This weekend, two old friends reunited on the other side of the world in a different Mad-city than the one where they first met over 12 (gulp) years ago. HOW do we do it?

Here we are, in all of our off-centered glory!

Here we are, in all of our off-centered glory!

Jesus, Janette, and I spent the weekend hoofing it all over Madrid, with our amazing hosts, Giovanni, Sandra, Alfonso and Mario. We saw all the important monuments: El Puerto de Alcala, El Palacio Real y sus jardines, La Plaza Mayor, La Puerta del Sol, El Museo del Prado…. Alfonso was able to fill us in on so much history; we all agreed he could be a tourist guide. Great fun was had with incorrect translations leading to incorrect historical references.

Madrid Walking Tour

Madrid Walking Tour

Perhaps of even greater interest to all involved was our gastronomical tour of Madrid, starting at the Mercado de San Miguel. Alfonso took me there on my first trip to Madrid a few years ago, and it NEVER FAILS. We realized we needed to immediately stuff Janette full of delicious Jamon and Spanish Cheeses, washed down with incredible wine from the Rioja, so we did just that. I didn’t get any other pictures there, but this one says a lot about a special place:

"Madrid Hugs Boston," what we saw walking into the Market.

“Madrid Hugs Boston,”
what we saw walking into the Market.

We continued on with various other stops throughout the day for cerveza, cafe, vino, and tapas. A few other highlights of course included our delicious dinner and a sunny stroll in Parque Retiro the next day. All in all, a special weekend to remember for these “mad” friends, new and old.